CAPs - Controlled Substance Abuse Program


What is CAPs & How Can it Help You?

It is no surprise that there is an opioid crisis in America.  The term opioid should be expanded to including not only narcotics, but other medications such as stimulants (Ritalin, Adderall) and benzodiazepines (Ativan, Valium, Xanax).  A prudent physician who is in the practice for writing for these medications should be monitoring his or her patients on a regular basis.  This monitoring system should include on line reporting (MAPS – Michigan Automated Prescription Service) and/or urine drug screening (UADS).  The difficulty is that many physicians are unaware of the guidelines for these tests, refuse to acknowledge and perform them, or are using them inappropriately.


Controlled Substance Abuse Program (CAPs)

 CAPs is a group of health care providers that are concerned about the use of controlled substances in America.  The question was, on a larger scale, how we can have an impact to ensure their safe and appropriate use?  Are medications being used appropriately, or is there misuse diversion?  That is where CAPs comes in to help you understand and expand your knowledge of your client’s use of controlled substances.

 CAPs provides the following 3 things:

1)      We perform a urine drug screen that is accurate and follows all legal guidelines known as “Chain of Custody,” to surpass any legal challenge.  The laboratory has also passed all certifications and accreditation’s to ensure the quality of the results given.  No “simple office urine cup” will be used as they are known to be off by as much as 20% false positives, and 20% false negatives.

2)     We acquire a MAPs report reflecting any controlled substance written in the last one calendar year. Which we will then assign an MME (maximum morphine equivalence) as well as a scoring to predict the potential for an over dose.

3)      Interpretation, which is the most important and valuable part of the process. This is when we begin looking for inconsistencies in the prescribing and filling habits of the client.  Could there be an issue with the misuse or even diversion?  Our report gives you the information that you need to know in order to feel comfortable that the controlled substances are being used appropriately.



1)      You will go on line to our website and look for the CAPs section under our SERVICES tab. There you will enter the data that allows us to start our search.  You can also email, fax or phone in your request.  Our email is, our phone is 248-565-8235 and our fax is 248-565-8398.

2)     Once we receive the information, you will receive an email and will be given a confirmation sheet with the address of the closest laboratory to your client’s home.  Laboratories are conveniently located all over the State of Michigan.  No long drives to produce a specimen.  The patient will be given a one-week window to appear at the laboratory to produce the specimen.  The lab will be contacted directly by CAPs to give the physician’s order for the collection of the specimen.

3)     With the same information, our staff physician will then institute a search with the State of Michigan for all controlled substances written and filled within the last calendar year. 

4)     You will receive a written report summarizing all data, generally within 2 – 3 weeks of collection of the urine specimen. 

5)     You will be given an invoice once a month for all testing that has been done.  Each test will be billed at $650.00.  This fee includes: Client notification, Collection of the specimen, Laboratory materials (i.e. wipes, forms and transportation of supplies, MAPS report and a written report reflecting the UADS and MAPS results and their interpretation.



If you have any further questions, please feel free to

contact our office at 248.565.8235