- WORK FLOW Process-


  1. Obtain referral via email, phone, fax or in person. 

  2. Client will be updated with in 24 hours after referral is received

  3. Selection of the appropriate board certified, active practice physician to evaluate or review claimant, claimants medical and history

  4. Set up appointment date and time

  5. Price quote for exam will be given to client for review 

  6. Send a cite letter as well as a map to the appropriate parties

  7.  Obtain questions/cover letter from client as well as medical records

  8. A reminder call will be made the to examinee / attorney (if represented) 3 days and then again 24 hours prior to the appointment. 

  9. Evaluation occurs either in our private office or the evaluating physicians private practice

  10. Client will be notified that the claimant either did or did not show for their exam.  

  11. Dictation will happen within 24 hours of exam 

  12. Transcription of dictation

  13. A Quality Analyst with 20+ years of industry experience, familiar with medical terminology and who can appropriately review the report to ensure that all of the questions have been answered and clear of any grammatical errors.  

  14. Report and invoice will be submitted to insurance adjuster or attorney who set up the IME or ROR

  15. A report is issued no more than 7 days after the date of evaluation.  Michigan IME will notify the referral source if a report will be completed outside the above listed time frame.  If a report is delivered past this standard time frame, the appropriate party will be updated of the delivery status every 48 hours.